EasyPack offers a selection of eco-friendly packaging solutions that are biodegradable, recyclable, and compostable. Some of the materials they use include recycled paper, sugar cane, and pulp.


Takeaway Bowl
Takeaway Box
Tray (Disposable-Deep)
Tray (Disposable-Wide)

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Pulp Food Container (Square)
Pulp Food Containers with Lid
Pulp Food Tray
Pulp Food Tray With Compartments
Pulp Food Containers
Pulp Sushi Container
Kraft Sushi Container
Kraft Food Container
Kraft Food Box
Kraft Food Bowl
Rectangular Food Box With Lid
Round Pulp Food Bowl with Lid

About EasyPack


  • Pulp products – made of natural plant fiber such as sugarcane, bamboo, wheat, etc.
  • Kraft paper
  • Recyclable Plastic
  • rPET

Eco Benefits of the Materials

  • Recyclable materials
  • Can be decomposed by microorganisms in a composting environment for around 90 days
  • Smaller carbon footprints
  • Less energy used during production


EasyPack is strict about quality and they conduct the necessary tests throughout the manufacturing process.


The company follows seven steps of quality supervision:

1. Design Management
2. Order Examination
3. Material Quality Check
4. Production Quality Check
5. Final Product Quality Check
6. Out-going Quality Check
7. Customer Satisfaction


EasyPack is guided by the principles of safety, environmental protection, and societal conscientiousness. They always strive to create the highest quality products that solve their customers’ food packaging needs, while also promoting eco-friendly and sustainable development.



“It is our mission to meet your needs. To pursue quality and share with peace of mind.”