Fifth Express

Fifth Express offers plastic-free (and hassle-free) pickup and delivery service by using plant-based, compostable mailer packaging to deliver parcels. Operating within Metro Manila, the company serves its customers with a tagline: “Helping save the earth one parcel at a time.”


Bag (mailer)
Courier Service

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100% compostable shipping pouch 1
100% compostable shipping pouch 2
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Courier Service

About Fifth Express


  • Plant-based materials made of corn
  • Cassava

Eco Benefits of the Materials

  • The plant-based mailers are certified compostable.
  • They will break down in 6 months without leaving toxic residues in the environment.(On the other hand, standard plastic mailers may take up to 10 years or more).
  • Cassava bags are 100% biodegradable. They dissolve in water, degrade in landfill, and decompose. They are non-toxic and contain no palm oil.


  • The Fifth Express delivers parcels to clients in compostable packaging instead of plastic.
  • The company uses e-waybill to lessen the use of paper.
  • The company delivers mailers in advance for a minimum order quantity to lessen the carbon footprints emitted by delivering the mailers from time to time.

Sustainability Programs

  • Fifth Express partnered with Haribon Foundation in 2021 by donating a portion of its sales to support the foundation’s environmental projects.
  • Fifth Express participates in environmental events, the latest was Net Zero-Carbon  Events Philippines which was organized by the European Chamber of Commerce in 2022.
  • Fifth Express prides itself on supporting the eco-warriors in the business industry by giving special discounts to entities with the same advocacy.


Fifth Express is driven by the desire to offer clients the best experience in delivery combined with a strong advocacy for sustainability. On top of fast deliveries, convenient transactions, and reliable services, Fifth Express also contributes to the environment by using compostable, plant-based packaging to deliver their parcels. Fifth Express also uses an optimized routing system to lessen the carbon footprints of the actual pick-up and delivery process.  The company has future plans to use eco-friendly vehicles as well.


Fifth Express is a courier service company that helps save the Earth one parcel at a time by using only sustainable materials and processes.


To help save the Earth one parcel at a time by providing our customers an utmost commitment in serving their courier needs and using only sustainable materials.