Plastic Free Southeast Asia

Plastic Free Southeast Asia (PFSEA) supports businesses in making effective and lasting changes in sustainability. Together they create goals and roadmaps in order to successfully implement and maintain environmentally impactful operations.


Business Consultancy

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About Plastic Free Southeast Asia


  • Plastic Free Southeast Asia creates roadmaps and plans to improve a company’s environmental practices, such as the elimination of single-use plastics.
  • The company conducts workshops with clients to make an impactful environmental change in the workplace.

Sustainability Programs

  • Every now and then, Plastic Free Southeast Asia provides in-kind and pro-bono advice to communities in Cambodia through training and workshops.
  • The company also offers some pro-bono work to the UN Association of Australia, NSW division.


Sarah, the founder of PFSEA, moved to Cambodia in 2014 and started PFSE in early 2015. She used her educational background to develop a program that will accelerate sustainable development practices in the tourism sector of Cambodia. She was instrumental in the plastic-free movement in the region and is recognized as a go-to expert in Southeast Asia.

Sarah has developed highly successful programs that support businesses in making significant environmental changes, in particular with the tourism industry. She lives in both Australia and Southeast Asia working with clients in many places and I also provide pro-bono work to the UN Association of Australia, NSW division.

Her approach is supportive, inclusive, and non-judgemental. She helps clients cut through the jargon, and greenwashing pitfalls and bring their team on the journey to successful environmental change.


Plastic-Free Southeast Asia envisions clean, pollution-free, and beautiful cities in Southeast Asia and Australia.


Their mission is to educate and motivate for better environment and sustainable tourism in Southeast Asia and Australia.