Our Reason for Being

“Why isn’t there a directory that makes it easier for entrepreneurs to find eco-friendly suppliers, or one that simplifies complex information about a supplier’s sustainability?”

This is the question that led to the creation of EcoHive.

We know how time consuming it is to find eco-friendly suppliers. They’re a needle in a haystack on search engine results. When you do find one, how many tabs must you open, and how many FAQs must be read to see if they are actually sustainable? How is one eco-friendly alternative better than another?



The Viridescent Seven is a set of 7 concepts and values that guide us in our business operations.


Whether it’s plastic pollution, carbon emissions, or resource depletion, the earth is getting exhausted. We can choose to continue depleting our ecosystem, or we can make the necessary changes that protect, and repair the earth.


There is an interconnection and balance between the planet and us. Harming the environment in one place can affect a community living on the other side of the planet. As we deplete the ecosystem, we damage the habitat of all animals and plants, as well as our own.


It is human innovation and modernization that has damaged the earth. Therefore, it is our job to restore balance. This starts with acknowledging that we all play a part in the preservation of our planet


In the same way our advancements have damaged the ecosystem, we can also innovate our way towards repairing it. A technological revolution is on the horizon, with a growing number of people becoming more focused on the planet’s well-being.

Businesses are stepping up to the challenge and creating new ways to satisfy consumer needs while reducing harm to the environment. Innovative solutions and products with the potential to heal the earth are being developed.


These solutions don’t have to be perfect. The actions we take don’t need to make an immediate impact. But we have to start somewhere. Change starts out small, takes effort, and requires patience. These imperfect ideas and actions positively build upon one another, until the old ways are replaced.


Replacing the old ways will take a collective effort to give the earth a chance for healing. Whether it’s going plastic-free or living a zero-waste lifestyle, everyone can make choices to help repair the planet. A revolutionary idea, a big change, or small little improvements – together they all move us in the right direction.

Future Generations

We can’t change the past, but it’s not too late to act for a better future. The earth is under constant threat. We do not know what the future holds, but we can take the right steps forward to give our planet a chance to heal.

It is the willingness to make little changes, to take small steps in minimizing our environmental impact, that lead to positive change. We owe it not just to future generations, but to all the living things on earth.

Our Team

We come from diverse backgrounds, but we unanimously value sustainability. We want to contribute to the protection and preservation of the planet for all its inhabitants. With passion and an innovative drive, we hope to pave the way for sustainable entrepreneurship to become the norm.