RePack offers hassle-free and trash-free packaging solutions for online retailers by resending and reusing packaging


Bag (mailer)

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About RePack


Recycled polypropylene (PP) made from post-consumer waste

Eco Benefits of the Materials

Recycling polypropylene is currently the best available option to handle the plastic waste situation in an eco-friendly and cost-effective way.

Sustainability Programs

  • After only the second use of the packaging, RePack is already better than single-use packaging. After 20 uses, RePack saves up to 80% CO2 and removes packaging trash with it.
  • RePack aims to fund high quality carbon reduction/capture projects in support of the global transition to a low carbon economy. For this, they partner with the Baltic Sea Action Group, who aims at restoring the Baltic Sea, regenerating ecosystems, and pushing for regulation.


RePack was created with the belief that prevention and reuse are the best options to reduce waste. RePack’s system is designed to be returned and reused, therefore, it avoids disposable packaging waste every time it is used. Using reusable packaging for existing circular journeys makes perfect sense. You remove trash completely from your shipping operations, and the package is reused over and over, drastically reducing CO2 emissions and waste creation.