Vegan Supplies

Vegan Supplies sells sustainable plant-based leather alternatives. Instead of using animal based fabrics, all products are produced using either plants, waste materials or energy-and-water-efficient agricultural processes.


Vegan Leather

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Desserto Luxury Line Black
Desserto Recycled Line Blue Navy
Desserto Recycled Line Ferrero
Desserto Recycled Line Lilac
Desserto Recycled Line Thin Black
Desserto Standard Line Original for Shoes - Stiff Black
Desserto Standard Line Original Soft Beige
Desserto Standard Line Original Soft Black
Desserto Standard Line Original Soft Green
Desserto Standard Line Original Soft Red
Desserto Standard Line Original Stiff Black
Desserto Standard Line Original Stiff Off-White
Desserto Standard Line Thin Black
Pinatex Metallic Wrinkled Gold
Pinatex Metallic Wrinkled Mettalic Black
Pinatex Metallic Wrinkled Silver
Pinatex Mineral Antique Gold
Pinatex Mineral Pearl
Pinatex Original Amazon Green
Pinatex Original Canela
Pinatex Original Charcoal
Pinatex Original Chestnut
Pinatex Original Marine
Pinatex Original Mulberry
Pinatex Original Natural
Pinatex Original Old Rose
Pinatex Original Paprika
Pinatex Original Pebble Grey
Pinatex Original Sage
Pinatex Original Washed Indigo
Pinatex Performance Jet Black
Pinatex Performance Polar White

About Vegan Supplies


  • Piñatex: Made of fibre from the leaves of the pineapple plant
  • Desserto: Oorganic material made of Nopal Cactus

Eco Benefits of the Materials

  • Materials are produced using energy-and-water-efficient agricultural processes.
  • Low CO2 emitted during the production process.
  • No animals were slaughtered for their skin to produce leather fabric.
  • Waste leaves of pineapple plants are given a second life instead of ending up as waste in landfills.
  • Each linear meter of Piñatex® prevents the equivalent of 12kg CO2 from being emitted.
  • A preliminary life cycle analysis has shown that the production of Desserto® fabrics uses 0.7% of the water used for producing PU, and 0.06% of the water used for making animal leather.


Vegan Supplies aimsa “to see all animal based fabrics replaced with sustainable alternatives”.


Vegan Supplies wants to achieve their vision by “making leather alternatives as easily available as possible.”