Woola sells plastic-free, wool-based, sustainable packaging. Specifically eco-friendly mailer bags and envelopes, bottle sleeves, and protective packaging.


Mailer Bag (With Cusion)
Protective Packaging
Protective Wrap (Bottle)

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Wool envelope
Wool Envelope (Cosmetics)
Wool Packaging
Wool Envelope (Jewelry)
Protective Packaging (Bottle)
Envelope with Wool Cusion
Wool Envelope (Jewelry)
Wool Envelope (Cosmetics)
Bubble Wool
Wool Envelope
Wool Bottle Sleeves

About Woola


  • Wool
  • Recycled paper

Eco Benefits of the Materials

  • The products are made out of 0 fossil fuel-based materials (Petrochemical-free).
  • The products are reusable.
  • The products are recyclable.
  • No plastics are used.
  • The products degrade much faster than plastic.

Sustainability Programs

All products are made in Paldiski, Estonia which is a small town with a few thousands in population. The town was kept completely closed from the public until 1994 and the company wanted to support its redevelopment in the 21st century. The town is also home to many manufacturing companies which are mostly physically demanding work but Woola’s processes are not. Hence, they wanted to provide suitable jobs to the people in the town who can’t work in such positions. The company also only hires employees through an FTE agreement that gives them health insurance and access to unemployment benefits.


Woola is a startup company that started back in 2020. They are on a mission to replace plastic bubble wrap. This contributes to reducing single-use plastic and fossil fuels, and therefore is great for the environment.


“Our mission – to stop the worst climate doomsday scenarios from happening – works as a compass when making decisions, whether it’s regarding product development or production waste management.”