Beh Zist

Behzist is the biodegradable tableware product line of Mahsa Padideh Novin. The products are mainly made from corn starch.


Cup (disposable)
Cups and Lids
Cutlery (disposable)
Plates (Disposable)
Takeaway Bowl
Tray (Disposable-Deep)
Tray (Disposable-Wide)

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Two Compartment Tray
Soup Bowl with Lid
Hook Flip Cover Lunch Box
Biodegradable Lid for bowl
Dessert Bowl
Flip Cover Lunch Box
Bento Box Two Compartment Body
4 Compartment Tray

About Beh Zist


  • Cornstarch

Eco Benefits of the Materials

  • Produced from renewable resources
  • Non-toxic
  • No hazardous effects of plastic and chemical materials even in contact with hot food
  • Less energy consumption in the production process
  • Reusbale


The Behzist product line came about to address the most pressing issues of climate and waste. It also focuses on customers’ health by making non-toxic tableware.


Behzist aims to become a top-quality model and the most trusted producer of disposable tableware In Iran. They want to achieve this through a commitment to principles that value customer services, innovation in all activities of the company, technological upgrades, and most of all, continuous improvement of environmentally friendly products and consumer health

Behzist’s responsibility is to continually protect the environment in which it operates, by creating biodegradable products and minimizing carbon dioxide emissions.


Their mission is to produce eco-friendly products, promote environmental responsibility and sustainability, and encourage families, companies, and organizations to use economically biodegradable tableware alternatives to plastic containers.