Renewable Material

Renewable materials implies that certain products are made from sustainably sourced materials that are regenerative.

Although there is no universally acclaimed definition of ‘renewable materials’, we describe it here as materials obtained from sources that consistently regenerate respectively fast. With this comes the fact that these materials should be replanted more quickly than they are harvested. Examples of such materials would be trees, plants, crops, and other materials that live from the sun and water.
Disclaimer: any supplier can claim they create products from renewable materials. Before any supplier is displayed on GreenHive, we extensively check if their materials are actually sustainably and responsibly sourced in the supply chain.

Suppliers with this ecotag


Samatoa manufactures innovative and ecological fabrics from vegetal wastes to support Cambodia’s most vulnerable women. No source of polluting energy and chemical or toxic substitutes were used during the manufacturing process of the fabrics.