EcoNest Philippines is a distributor of plant-based, renewable and technologically-advanced packaging solutions. Operating since 2018, they have served over 1,000 SMEs and corporations. In addition to their packaging products, EcoNest provides holistic solutions to its partners like educational campaigns and product support.


Bag (mailer)
Chopsticks (disposable)
Cup (disposable)
Cup Holder (disposable)
Cup Sleeve (disposable)
Cutlery (disposable)
Protective Packaging
Takeaway Bowl
Takeaway Box
Tape (packaging)

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Bagasse Eco Bento Tray
Bagasse Eco Bowl
Bagasse Eco Clamshell
Bagasse Eco Cup Holder
Bagasse Eco Cup Hot - Cold
Bagasse Eco Oval 2-Compartment
Bagasse Eco Oval Lid
Bagasse Eco Pizza Box
Bagasse Eco Plate
Bagasse Eco Rectangle
Birchwood Eco Cutlery Set
Cassa Bag
Cassava Mailers
Honeycomb Geami ExBox
Honeycomb Geami
Kraft Eco Cup Hot _ Cold
Kraft Eco Cup Sleeve
Kraft Ecotape Self Adhesive

About EcoNest


  • Plant-Based Materials [Cassava, Sugarcane, Polylactic Acid (PLA), Bamboo]

Eco Benefits of the Materials

  • Cassava can be used to make biodegradable and compostable bioplastics.
  • The dry fibrous residue of sugarcane can be used to create recyclable products.
  • PLA is a compostable bioplastic derived from plant sugars.
  • The bamboo products are fully recyclable.


  • Econest uses the dry fibrous residue of sugarcane after it has been pressed for juice. This gives a second life to materials instead of becoming waste.
  • The bamboo used in their products are naturally sourced.

Sustainability Programs

Econest collaborated with 3 other organizations to create the Sustainability Alliance. They want to reduce the packaging industry’s carbon footprint by reducing or eliminating the dependence on petroleum-based packaging materials. The alliance also wants to bolster an efficient system geared towards circularity.


EcoNest was founded in 2018 by two social entrepreneurs. They aim to provide holistic solutions that address current environmental issues, such as reducing the harmful effects of plastic and chemical waste. Their brand pillars are (1) Preventing further damage to the environment, (2) Sustaining transition towards a circular environment, and (3) Curing today’s environmental issues.


To create a community of environmentally conscientious consumers and business owners thriving in a circular economy.


To be the trusted provider of eco-friendly packaging materials and business supplies as they work closely with decision-makers and consumers to shape a greener future